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Prayer Requests

If you would like to contact us with a prayer request, please click here. We will pass your request along to the friars, who will include your intention in the Liturgy during the week. Please indicate in the email if you also want your prayer request displayed on this page.

Please pray for all the sick of Mother Cabrini Parish and for our relatives and friends who are also dealing with serious illness, especially:

Ann Barber, Trent and Traigh Clayton, Nicky Wideman, Laura Wideman, Michael Wideman, Eddie Wideman, Justin Wachter, Craig Fetterman, Bob Hauer, Eunice Kanaskie, George Klemick, Cassondra Senoski, Lucy Surak, Kenneth Kolovich, Austin Zimmerman, Mason Barvitskie, Robert Stoud II, Cynthia Wasielewski, Jeanette Verano, Lauri Mendicin, Tom Eckman, Rhonda Eckman, Bill Adams, Terri Zarick, Chet Milbrand, Kirsten Huffnagle, Kelly Hoy, Dolores Scopelliti, Jack Senoski, Mark Senoski, Candida Davis, Tony Varano, Sr., Phyllis Barrett, Kathy Messimer, Cynthia Washleski (Shamokin), Walter Habowski, Bonnie Gunn, Les Schiccatano, Jerry Plocinski, Shannon Shovlin, Ann Gembic, Donna Griffiths Cross, Matthew "Butch" Menapace, Joel Rivera, Gordon Young, Langston Haddock, Shawn Wilson, Maryann Christiana, Candy Spears, Bryan McSurdy, Carol Fegley, Kristy & Huxley Hoffman, Gertrude Slawek, Pete Yucha, Carol Grow, Michael Matukaitis, Marie Casper, Sharon Casper, Tina Barnabe, Fred Pensyl, William Edmondson, Maria Davis, Gertrude White, Barbara Ann Verano, Ruth Krieger, Denise Hale, Marie Bondura and Fred Pensyl

Please remember to pray for all caregivers.