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My mother is a member of your church and I myself have visited it when I have come to visit with her.

I was born in Shamokin in 1938 and I want to support the church via mass cards and donations. I will be sending a donation of $25 in honor of Adolf Jasper who recently passed away and is (was) a member of the church.

I am doing ancestry research and my maiden name was Jackiewicz and it had also been spelled Jackewicz I believe my great uncle Stanley Jackewicz who died in 1963 belonged to your parish. How can I obtain information? There is a chance that the Tomaszewski family is also connected.
thank you in Advance for your time and consideration in this matter. Mary Muller

Does anyone know what happened to father Bob?

I am doing my family tree and my grandparents and great grandparents were married and received there scarments at St. Edwards I was also bam posted there. How do I go about getting records? I am trying to find John S. Witkoski parents and wedding dates he is buried at St Edwards Cementry. I am also trying to find the bampismal and death records for the twins George and Andrew they were born in1906 I need to get atoms stone for there grave. Can you email me how to find the records I need.

Hello! I am researching my family tree. I am trying to get birth and death dates. My grandparents are buried in st. Edwards cemented and I was baptism end on jan.7, 1962 at St. Edwards is there a site were I could find information? I am going to Ireland with my Catholic Church to sing and am trying to find my great grandfathers family that stayed in Ireland.

Former St Edwards student

I just had the priviledge of touring the church with my son and daughter and my nephew from CA. I was married in St. Ed's in 1968. My family history in St. Ed's goes back to the late 1800's under the names Foley and Buckley. The church looks beautiful and I was very proud to tell it's history.

Wish I could physically visit to refresh the memory of my old times at St Edwards Church. My husband and I were married there by Father Lavelle as wa my grandmother in the early 1900's. The church holds many fond memories of my time singing in the Latin Choir for all of my school years. I can still sing the Latin songa.
Doris Anne Henninger Torosian

I am looking for John Haile's e-mail address. I spoke with him on May26,2012 at St Edwards Cewtery.
i am looking for the information he had relative to my family members buried in th cemetery.I would appreciate receiving his e-mail address.
Thank you very muvh.

Mike O'Leary

Greetings: I am on a quest. I am trying to find my grandparents wedding record. From St. Stan's. on Feb.20,1906. Walter Joseph Zyniewicz and Pauline Anne Sczesney. If my surname looks familar. My uncle Clem recently died and had services at your church. My uncle Frank used to sing in St. Edward's choir, My address here. John Zyniewicz Jr.,7643 W. Berwyn Ave., Chicago, Il.60656. Phone # is 773-631-1409. The family lived up the hill at 1143 Pulaski. I am 76 yrs. young along with 7 chidren,13 grandchidren and three great's. I am ready, willing and able to donate any costs involved inthe search. My wife and I are still volunteering in our local community.. Thank You.

Looking for records of marriage of my grandparents: Francis Patrick McCluskey and Mary Jane Cooper married at St. Edwards Catholic Church in Shamokin, PA in December of 1890. Understand that St. Edwards burned in 1972. Wondered if any records exist in the parish...Also Mary Jane Cooper had several brothers and sisters born in Shamokin....any way to look up information about their births?

I was talking to Fr. Martin the other day and told him about the link to finding out how strong the earthquake was by zip code, so I'd appreciate it if you could show him the above link. Thank you, Tom

Hello, I am the great grandson of one Andrew Bardar (Barder) one of the 34 men who help found the Assumption BVM in Shamokin back in 1891. I have a copy of the 100th Anniversary book in which he is listed. The Assumption BVM was a Slovak Church serving 94 Slovak families in the town. He and his wife Barbara Barder are both buired in St. Mary's Cemetary. My wfe and I are planning on visiting Shamokin in mid August to see his grave, former home, and try and get some of his records. I am now the oldest male from his line and am trying to put his story together for my grandchildren. He did a great work for God!

Father Martin my prayers for a quick recovery for father michael

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